Testimony 5

l wanted you to know how much I appreciate the opportunity to be sent to Ixande Recovery Centre.  God places us where we need to be and for me it was as a Rehab resident at Ixande Recovery Centre. I was a broken man with a bleak future in sight, as l also had also lost my family due to my gambling. l had contemplated suicide on many occasions. l contacted South African Responsible Gambling Foundation as a last resort.

God sent Dr Heidi from Responsible Gambling (SARGF) as my first Angel to guide me to the door of Ixande. Dr Heidi also approved the payment of my medication as l am diabetic and arranged a flight to Cape Town as the busses were on strike. She was very efficient and professional in her approach showing empathy. That was the best decision l made in a long time.

The staff at Ixande have been professional, courteous, caring and Compassionate from day one.   I have met some wonderful people all over the facility, however, I have made new friends and have new family members, people that have touched me in their own personal ways. I am very impressed with the support system and the motivation demonstrated by the staff, especially your Rehab Team. l learnt how to cope with life on life’s terms and not my own terms. The help l received has definitely made a difference in building a foundation towards the path of sobriety.

The staff and facility have helped me to regain some quality of life, to save my life.

To (SARGF) I am eternally grateful