Self Check Quiz

For some people gambling can change from being an entertaining and pleasurable activity and become a problem. When that happens, gambling  becomes too important in a person’s life and hurt their social and financial well-being, excluding him/herself from their family and their friends to focus on gambling. Spending too much time thinking about gambling and how to beat the odds. We offer a Self Check Quiz that will allow you to determine whether you have a gambling problem.

If you have answered "YES" to 5 or more questions, it could be that you have a GAMBLING PROBLEM.

If you have answered YES to 5 questions or more, it could be that you have a Gambling Problem. Seeking professional help can help to reduce the stress that is caused by your gambling. You can contact our Problem Gambling Treatment and Counseling Line on 0800 006 008 or email for confidential, free, and professional  Counseling