November is National Responsible Gambling Awareness Month

The gambling industry is often associated with glamour, high rollers, opulent settings and the trappings of wealth. The industry remains a vibrant and exciting sector, but it has its challenges – pathological and irresponsible gambling especially over the festive season.

For most people who engage in it gambling it is a harmless leisure activity that may yield public benefits such as contributing more in taxation, job creation and tourism.  For some people who gamble responsibly it is relaxing and has no impact on their lives however there is a percentage of the population who are considered to be problem gamblers.

Unfortunately, sometimes financial hardship or even loneliness especially at times like Christmas can result in people gambling more. Strategies that combine minimising the harm caused, with maximising the benefits of gambling are therefore crucial for good public policy.

Be a responsible gambler this festive season. We are calling out to the broader public in saying that gambling should always be done in a responsible manner.

The message is to raise awareness of the dangers of excessive gambling and highlight responsible gambling.

The South African gambling industry established a National Responsible Gambling Programme (NRGP) which began operating in 1999 to promote responsible gambling.

South Africa has therefore not only pioneered responsible gambling in the developing world, it has also established a unique organisational structure for ensuring that industry executives and regulators collaborate on this issue, each bringing their expertise to the solution of problems.

Join the Holiday Campaign! Send a responsible gaming message reminding those who intend to gamble over the holidays to do so responsibly.