Board Evaluation Questionnaire 2022/2023 Financial Year


The Board evaluation process is designed to provide Directors with an opportunity to examine Board effectiveness and make suggestions for improvement. The questionnaire is intended to be a tool that will engage Directors in an open and constructive dialogue about its performance and allow the Board to identify where it needs to improve its performance.


At the end of the financial year, each Director will be asked to complete the questionnaire. An independent, unrelated facilitator will summarise the Directors’ input on a confidential basis and review the summary with the Board. A special session will be convened at the first meeting of the Board for a full and comprehensive discussion of Board performance and the next steps for improvement if any.

Objectives and Strategy - Step 1 of 9

1 = Strongly Disagree 2 = Partly Disagree     3 = Partly Agree          4 = Strongly Agree